Why some crowns look fake, and others blend in with your natural teeth

By Sasha Curry

When it comes to caring for your teeth and having dental work such as crowns, accessing the best possible care available can make the difference between a smile that fits you just right, and a smile that doesn’t blend well with your natural teeth. The result of such is teeth that appear noticeably fake, or at the very least, teeth that look like they’ve had work done on them. 

At M Street Dental, our experts take pride in helping you achieve a smile that you can be proud of a smile that looks just as though it was yours all along. 

So, why do some crowns look fake, while others blend seamlessly into your natural teeth? Let’s dive in and discuss some of the reasons. But first, let’s explore what a crown is.

What is a crown?

A dental crown is a cap/covering customized to fit over an existing tooth. Generally, crowns aid in the restoration of both the shape and size of a tooth. Additionally, when executed properly, crowns will add to the strength and performance of a tooth. 

So what separates a good crown from a bad crown? Here are some examples.


When it comes to veneers or crowns, if the wrong color is chosen, your smile can end up looking either unnatural or even fake. Although many of us would like our smile to be as bright and white as possible, there comes a point in the selection of color where crowns no longer resemble the likeness of natural teeth. If it’s a nice, natural-looking smile you’re after, our experts recommend the shade A2. In cases where you’d prefer a lighter shade than A2, we encourage our patients to choose B1.

Bleach shades such as 0M3/0M2 are where the color of your crowns or veneers no longer toe the line of natural-looking, and may appear fake. 

You may have noticed that under certain lighting, natural teeth show a level of translucence. If a crown is too opaque, the result can end up looking counterfeit, especially next to your natural teeth.

Thankfully, our dental experts are more than equipped to help you avoid ending up with a color/shade of crown or veneer that doesn’t look natural.  


Just like color, the shape of your crowns can significantly impact the appearance of an authentic, natural-looking set of teeth. Symmetry is paramount, and this is especially so in the case of the front two teeth. Even the most subtle differences in the shape of these two teeth can make for a substantially noticeable difference. In addition, the symmetry of the gum tissue can be just as important. Thankfully, our experts are equipped with top-tier knowledge, crafting individual care and proper planning for each patient.


During the process of determining the shape of a crown, there a number of different data points that we collect to guarantee the right size for each specific tooth. For the best possible result(s), variables such as a patient’s resting lip position, and the lip position when smiling are observed and incorporated into each individual care plan. M Street Dental also utilizes a range of photos, and in some cases video in order to determine what shape and size will look best for each patient. 

Lastly, you might be wondering under what circumstances someone might decide to get a crown(s) in the first place. 

Here are some examples of dental crowns and there possible uses:

-Large cavities that are unable to be filled

-Restorative care after a root canal

-Poorly shaped or discolored teeth

-Coverage for dental implants 

-Damaged or worn down teeth

Achieving the smile you’ve always wanted, along with developing an effective and complete dental care plan can seem overwhelming. 

You deserve to be proud of your teeth. You deserve to feel confident about how each of those pearly whites are cared for. At M Street Dental, we take pride in passing along the highest caliber of expertise to our patients. We feel confident there's no smile we can’t help you achieve, and would love nothing more than to be of service for whatever your dental related needs are. Get in touch and book your appointment today. We’re excited to hear from you. 

From all of us at M Street,

Stay smiling. You’re wonderful!

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