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I'm a dentist and this is my morning routine.
Buy an alarm clock and keep your phone away from your pillow. Avoid social media for at least one hour after rising. Let water be the first thing you consume after waking up. With morning routines and the science that supports the optimization of our total health in a constant state of flux and refinement, […]
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COVID-19 At-Home Oral Hygiene Tips
For nearly 17 months, most Americans have been learning a great deal about the routines we had built (and perhaps taken for granted) during pre-Covid-19 times. Many of us have had to find ways to pivot our daily routines due to business closures, personal budgets, or health risks. Are you one of those people? Whether […]
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How can I improve the whiteness of my teeth?
Everyone deserves a smile they can feel confident about. Everyone deserves a set of teeth they feel proud to bare. Throughout the evolution of dental practices and procedures, there has been a swath of advances that make achieving your dream smile that much easier and enjoyable. This is especially the case with the guidance and […]
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The type of mouth rinse we suggest: ACT fluoride rinse vs Listerine
The one thing we know about you is that you have a beautiful smile - a smile that’s worth taking care of, and a smile we’re passionate about maintaining. As is the case with many areas of self-care, the number of options to choose from can at times, feel a little overwhelming. Oral care is […]
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Preventative Care: What you need to know
Our teeth require special care and attention just like any other part of our bodies. As the world moves faster and our lives become busier, developing and maintaining a self-care routine is of high priority. A proper preventative care routine should be at the top of your list. Fighting off oral complications such as gum […]
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Facts + Myths about Teeth Whitening You Should Know
We live in a culture that takes great pride in a pearly white smile.  The human body and all of its functions are fascinating; however, with so much information at our disposal, making the right decision about a product or a service can be stressful. And our teeth are no exception. In most cases, the […]
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