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Sonicare electric toothbrush vs. Soft-bristled toothbrush
We can all agree that brushing our teeth is critical for achieving/maintaining good oral health. Understanding the correct way to brush your teeth, and choosing the right toothbrush is just as important.  Practices and products developed to keep our mouths healthy have come a long way. Interestingly enough, Pierre Fauchard a french docto
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Why charcoal toothpaste is actually damaging your teeth.
You have a beautiful smile. A smile worth a proper, well-informed care routine.  The “age of online information” has made for a profusion of options/opinions to care for our teeth, all at our fingertips. At M Street Dental, we take pride in eliminating the fluff, helping you to create an educated routine backed by science […]
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Sensitive Teeth: Causes and treatments
Blonde hair, black hair, red hair. Big feet, small feet, wide feet, narrow feet.  You might be asking yourself, 'what does this have to do with teeth?' Well, just like our hair and our feet, teeth come in all different shapes and sizes, shades, and tones. Hair can become grey over time, and our feet […]
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Mamelons: What are they and why do they disappear over time?
Throughout the span of one’s lifetime, our tissues, bones, and organs change shape and composition, as well as grow and/or shrink. Just like the rest of our bodies, our teeth experience many changes over time. Believe it or not, the basic substance of a tooth is formed in the fetus at about 6 weeks of […]
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Why some crowns look fake, and others blend in with your natural teeth
When it comes to caring for your teeth and having dental work such as crowns, accessing the best possible care available can make the difference between a smile that fits you just right, and a smile that doesn’t blend well with your natural teeth. The result of such is teeth that appear noticeably fake, or […]
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